Mondo to Issue Eugenio Mira's 'Timecrimes' Score

Mondo to Issue Eugenio Mira's 'Timecrimes' Score
The film score lovers at Mondo have yet another soundtrack coming our way, this time being a first-ever vinyl pressing of Eugenio Mira's score for Spanish sci-fi thriller Timecrimes.

A press release confirms that a vinyl edition of Mira's work goes up for sale this Thursday (September 26) at Austin's Alamo Drafthouse in conjunction with a screening of the film as part of Fantastic Fest. The Timecrimes soundtrack will then go up for sale through the Mondo website at a later date.

The soundtrack had never been made commercially available until now and is being preserved on 180-gram vinyl. Colour variations of the wax include black and "milky yellow/clear vinyl." The gatefold artwork, which you can see above, was whipped up by We Buy Your Kids.

While director Nacho Vigalondo's 2007 film was apparently " championed for its bold and innovative take on the time-travel genre," Mira's minimalist film score has also been given a thumbs up.

"Much of the film's success relies heavily upon Eugenio Mira's masterful score," composer/writer Brian Satterwhite said in a statement. "His minimalistic approach maximizes the subtle tones and nuances of the narrative with surgical precision while adding a highly refined layer of polish to this high-concept science-fiction thriller."


1. Binoculars

2. Scissors

3. Contact

4. Getting It

5. Bandages

6. Unpleasant Suspicion

7. Backfire

8. Castrated Prescience

9. Three Hectors

10. No Time For Remorse

11. The Counterfeit

12. End Credits