Mondo Reissues Michael Perilstein's 'The Deadly Spawn' Soundtrack, Gears Up for 'Drive' Vinyl Release

Mondo Reissues Michael Perilstein's 'The Deadly Spawn' Soundtrack, Gears Up for 'Drive' Vinyl Release
We've just entered the new year, but one of the first releases to hit us in 2013 is a reissue of ambient scorer Michael Perilstein's synth-heavy soundtrack for '80s monster movie The Deadly Spawn. The deluxe vinyl reissue was announced earlier this week and released today (January 4) in a limited-edition pressing through boutique art imprint Mondo, which has so far given us vinyl reissues of cult soundtracks from The Beyond and Maniac.

The science-fiction horror flick was released in 1983, but Perilstein's soundtrack first appeared on wax via Deadly Records in 1985 and later on CD through Perseverance in 2004. While the tagline of the movie noted that "no one knew the mystery of the mutant spores inside," as far as the soundtrack goes, a press release explains that beyond Perilstein's creepy sonic creations, this latest version also features original artwork by Phantom City Creative. You can peep the toothy, bloody maw of the Deadly Spawn up above.

The reissue was also remastered by sound guru James Plotkin, who touched up both The Beyond and Maniac scores, as well as has worked with the likes of Emeralds, Tim Hecker and Oneohtrix Point Never.

The record was pressed onto two different colours of 180-gram vinyl, with one being on traditional black wax and the other preserved on a slab of red marble vinyl, "which mimics the colour and look of the monsters in the film." The variations are being shipped off randomly, and you can try your luck by ordering it over here.

Perilstein's other film work includes scores for Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Winterbeast and more.

In other Mondo news, the label promises that it's still planning to give the Drive soundtrack a North American vinyl release this year. The record is "at the plant getting pressed," but so far there's no firm release date. Of course, if you're willing to pay some high import prices, you can get that soundtrack now via the UK's Invada imprint.