Monday's Hero Love Carries An Axe

With Christopher Broach of Braid in their corner, both as producer and owner of Lucid Records, you can’t help but expect something special from Monday’s Hero. While certainly not mind-blowing, Love Carries An Axe is a sound release from a band whose obvious passion for what they do carries over into every one of their songs. Culling their sound from the brightest lights of the Midwest emo scene, Chicago-based Monday’s Hero sound very much like the descendants of Braid and American Football. With three vocalists, the band’s songs have a way of climaxing that can be intensely emotional, and it is in these moments that they truly shine. One can’t help but be drawn in by these passionate sounds, though the band will sometimes falter and lose you right after a particularly strong moment. From here, the songs build back up again, until finally reaching their heartfelt conclusion. Though not always consistent, Love Carries An Axe is a worthwhile listen for fans of Midwestern emo. (Lucid)