Mogwai Prepping New Spoken Word Album, Live LP, Single and Self-Released Studio Full-Length

Mogwai Prepping New Spoken Word Album, Live LP, Single and Self-Released Studio Full-Length
Looks like Glasgow's fave post-rockers Mogwai are going to be keeping busy over the next little while, even if, according to a post on their website, they won't be playing many shows.

First up, the band say they will be providing the music for a spoken word record, which the band's Stuart Braithwaite referred to on the band's site as being dedicated to "my favourite comic writer of all time." He, of course, did not give any other details or name said writer, so let the guessing begin.

The band are also recording a cover of nearly forgotten punkers Suicide's "Ghost Rider" for a single, and are in the finishing stages of getting their Live in Brooklyn CD/DVD put together. Braitwaite said on the site that they're hoping for a November "premiere" of the release. The record was recorded during three shows in Brooklyn in April of '09.

Then, almost as an afterthought, the update adds that the band are "also going to write and record a new album," which will be their seventh studio full-length.

In a new interview with the BBC, Braithwaite added a bit more, saying that the as-yet-untitled record would be self-released and out via Mogwai's own Rock Action imprint, marking a first for the group whose most recent records have been released via Matador.

"I think that our attitudes to activities around the record coming out might change a bit because we'll be really thinking, 'We need to push this,'" Braithwaite said. "Rather than sitting around asking, 'What are the label doing to sell our records?' It will have to be, 'What have we got to do to sell our record?'"

He went on to say the new studio album is currently at the demo stage, but that the band will be dedicating themselves to the project at the beginning of 2010.

"We've earmarked all of next year for doing it," he explained. "I think that everyone's trying out things at home and probably early next year, we'll get together and laugh at how bad everybody's attempts at making music are."

Mogwai's most recent album was The Hawk Is Howling, released in September of 2008.