Modern Baseball Cancel Upcoming Tour to Take Care of "Our Mental Health and Our Friendships"

Modern Baseball Cancel Upcoming Tour to Take Care of 'Our Mental Health and Our Friendships'
Photo: Jessica Flynn
Modern Baseball have been keeping the emo-influenced torch burning bright, releasing their latest album Holy Ghost last year. As announced in a Facebook post yesterday (February 21), though, the Philadelphia-based group are taking a step back and pressing pause on the band for a bit.
They informed fans of their decision to cancel the band's upcoming U.S. tour dates and festival appearances, citing the need to focus on their mental health and interpersonal relationships.
"Over the past few months the band has become an immense source of anxiety for me, and it wasn't until I opened up to Sean, Ian, and Brendan about it that we realized we were all feeling the same way," guitarist Jake Ewald wrote. "The project we started as a source of joy and positive expression had become something that was slowly eating away at our mental health and our friendships."
He continued to say that the decision to cancel shows was not one the band take lightly, but considering their vocal mental health advocacy, "we recently realized that it would be wrong for us to ignore our own health any longer."
Ewald ended off thanking fans for their support thus far:
You've supported us unconditionally throughout this crazy ride and we could never thank you enough. We never really learned how to do this whole "rock band" thing the right way, but you kept coming to the shows and talking to us and assuring us that we'd figure it out sooner or later. We could not have done any of this without you. Be honest with those you love and don't be afraid to lean on them when you need to. Odds are they'll need to lean on you pretty soon too.
The band also shared a variety of resources that can be accessed by anyone struggling with their own mental health. You can find those links and read Modern Baseball's full Facebook post below.

Refunds for any of the previously announced U.S. shows will be available from the point of purchase.