Model Clocks "Scribblers" (video)

Model Clocks 'Scribblers' (video)
Not only has the Vancouver outfit Terrace spawned the side-project Concord Drumm, frontman Simon Lock also has a band called Model Clocks, and they released their album Mabel last month. They've now shared a video for the track "Scribblers."

The song is a dark, instrumental electronic track that's steeped in quiet, creepy atmosphere. The accompanying video is slightly disorienting, as we see a landscape whizzing quickly by while closeup shots show a woman walking through a city and heading into the forest.

Model Clocks' press materials explain "Mabel is a post-club soundtrack, an album that is rich in deep grooves, smooth beats and subtle melodies. It is meant to be played late, in a darkened room, with great people who do not worry when the sun is going to rise."

Mabel is available on iTunes through TechnoFunk Enterprises, and of course check out "Scribblers" below.