Moby Wrote a 'Wall Street Journal' Op-Ed Dictating How Food Stamps Should Be Used

Moby Wrote a 'Wall Street Journal' Op-Ed Dictating How Food Stamps Should Be Used
When he's not hanging out with A$AP Rocky, electronica mainstay Moby has managed to share some pretty audacious opinions online. It looks as if his blogging powers have paid off with an even bigger writing gig, as the musician has just shared a new op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

You must be asking yourself what topic Moby chose to tackle. Was it something to do with the music industry? Or was it related to his hatred of Trump? Could it be a story about what it's like to run your own tea shop? No, dear reader, instead Moby has decided to dictate exactly how poor people should spend their food stamps.

His controversial take is that people utilizing the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) should not be allowed to purchase foods he deems "unhealthy" with their food stamps. 

Moby argues that the program should focus on "cheap, healthy foods like beans, vegetables, fruit and whole grains." He added that, "Nothing delivers a greater sense of pride than helping your children succeed and doing your best to see that they grow up healthy."

Moby continued, "Congress should fix SNAP, not gut it. The U.S. can have healthier people, lower health-care costs, and a trimmer budget at the same time."

While there's certainly nothing wrong with encouraging people to eat healthier, many have taken issue with the idea of dictating what foods poor people can and can't eat.

If you feel like it, you can read Moby's op-ed here, and check out some reactions to the article below.