Moby and the Void Pacific Choir "Almost Loved" (video)

Moby and the Void Pacific Choir 'Almost Loved' (video)
The details behind Moby's upcoming project with the Void Pacific Choir have yet to arrive in full, but the electronic musician and the rest of his newfound crew are teasing the release with a second single. You can check out the collective's "Almost Loved" in a new music video.

As with the earlier reveal, "The Light Is Clear in My Eyes," the clip is quite grainy and full of vintage VHS fuzz. It also finds Moby co-mingling with animal mask-wearing individuals. On a musical front, the song gets energized via a pumped-up, early '90s-type techno beat, a looped mention of Los Angeles, and the sound of Moby syncing up with a tuneful choir.

Here's what the group had to say about the project in a press statement:

Normally when people refer to a void, it's a big, dark, scary, thing — the dark, malicious, Nietzschean void, where if you stare too long into the it, it stares back into you. But we like the paradox of a pacific, peaceful void — a benign emptiness.

You can let Moby and the Void Pacific's latest audio-visual preview suck you in below. Their project has yet to be given a due date, but it's expected to land in Canada via Arts & Crafts.