Moby Dicks "Ballad of the Red Dog"

Moby Dicks 'Ballad of the Red Dog'
Something special is happening in Lethbridge, AB. The college town has never been known for creative output, but a select group are changing that. From the ashes of the band Endangered Ape comes Myelin Sheaths, a science themed garage quartet, and Moby Dicks, who play minimalist, soulful power-pop.

"Ballad of the Red Dog" is the A-side from their brand new seven-inch, released on their own Mammoth Cave Recordings. The song is an ode to the Red Dog Diner, a Lethbridge eatery that, when open, boasts cheap hot dogs and 14 flavours of poutine.

The song is simple in structure, but endlessly catchy. Get the seven-inch, and put this on a mixtape between King Khan & BBQ Show and Nobunny.

Listen to "Ballad of the Red Dog" by the Moby Dicks here.