Moby and Darth & Vader "Death Star"

Moby and Darth & Vader 'Death Star'
Though he's best known for car commercial-friendly lite electronica and serving up the occasional cup of tea, pint-sized production whiz Moby has finally set foot into the EDM world, collaborating with newcomer Darth & Vader (a.k.a. Hugo Castellan) on a new track.

The two work wonders together on "Death Star," an intense five-minute banger that has no qualms with dabbling in the dark side of the force. Sinister strings, creepy vocal samples and explosive beats come together in this cinematic dancefloor erupter.

"I was super happy to collaborate with the legendary Moby," Darth & Vader told Rolling Stone, who premiered the track. "His contribution to the music industry has been ridiculous. I'm personally super happy with the result. The breakdown is unique and the drop is fresh."

Check out "Death Star" below. The song is on iTunes today (July 1) via Dim Mak.