Mitch Clem’s Nothing Nice to Say Comic Published This Fall

Mitch Clem’s <i>Nothing Nice to Say</i> Comic Published This Fall
If you’re a punk rock nerd, a web-comic nerd, or one of the ten people who happen to be both, you’ve surely heard of Mitch Clem’s irreverent, hilarious Nothing Nice to Say comic strip. Following the lives of Blake and Fletcher, two Minneapolis burn-outs who argue about Dillinger Four and dream about pop punk girls, the comic finds the hilarity in all aspects of punk culture.

If you haven’t yet heard of the comic, you’re in luck. On October 8, the fine folks at Dark Horse Comics will be issuing an anthology of the strips from 2005 to 2006. The book, which will also contain 50 pages of bonus material, is exactly seven inches by seven inches — the exact size of a seven-inch vinyl record — and will feature a handful of punk references on its cover.