Miss Pussycat "Shadow and Eve"

Miss Pussycat 'Shadow and Eve'
Miss Pussycat will be releasing one of this summer's most unusual and entertaining albums when Anthropomorphizer arrives on July 14 via Terror Vision Records. To help introduce you to the artist's intriguing world, Exclaim! has got the premiere of "Shadow and Eve."
The full-length album is a collection of soundtracks to puppet shows that Miss Pussycat has created and performed over the years and around the world. She started doing puppet shows as a kid in Oklahoma but has since brought the nostalgic art form to rock clubs far from home.
"I got to put out records, travel around the world, make puppet movies, hang out with cool bands, make spacecrafts out of aluminum foil, build inflatable puppet theaters on private islands, sew, paint, cast neoprene in molds, round up glow in the dark magical miniature ponies, cut peoples heads off, make friends with the bad guys, and record the sounds of sawing wood and light bulbs breaking all day long," she says of her unique career path.
Now, the sounds from five of those inventive puppet shows have been brought together on Anthropomorphizer, and you can listen to the sonic accompaniment to "Shadow and Eve" in the player below.