Misconduct/Trigger Happy Misconduct/Trigger Happy

Holy aggro punk rock! Pals and label-mates Misconduct and Trigger Happy jointly contribute to this full-on 13-song punk assault. All the material on this split disc is recently recorded and unavailable. Recorded in January of this year, Misconduct's seven songs are some of the most ferocious punk blasts ever served up by a Swedish band - scary music with a positive message. Meanwhile, Trigger Happy's six songs serve as their swan song. After ten years and five albums, the Toronto-based rock gods decided to pack it in. Five of the songs here, including a cover of Venom's "Rip Tide," are outtakes from the sessions for the last album, I Hate Us. The last is a Dayglo Abortions cover. The fact that this is the last we'll hear from these guys is made even more depressing by the fact that it's some if their best work. It seems just as they were hitting their stride, they threw in the towel. To borrow a line from the Red Rose tea people, "pity." (Bad Taste)