Mirian "Messin' Around" / "Love Situation" (Current Sessions video)

Mirian 'Messin' Around' / 'Love Situation' (Current Sessions video)
Toronto songwriter Mirian charmed us with a Current Sessions performance of "Wish I Never" last spring, and now a year later, she's linked up with the series once again to perform a pair of new tunes — and Exclaim! has your exclusive first look at the new live video.
The clip finds the soulful singer delivering "Messin' Around" and "Love Situation" at Chalet Studios in the secluded Ontario countryside, accompanied only by an acoustic guitar.
The former track "speaks about a romantic connection that is so strong you couldn't possibly think about messing around on that person," she tells Exclaim! The follow-up song "then touches on the fear of diving into such an all-encompassing love affair, and the aftermath that inevitably comes with it."
You can hear the live renditions of both in the player below.