Minimal Wave Reissues Works from Alberta Electronic Recluse Ohama

Minimal Wave Reissues Works from Alberta Electronic Recluse Ohama
Little-known Rainier, AB-based producer Ohama has been making music for over 30 years, and he recently appeared on both volumes of The Minimal Wave Tapes comp. This October, Minimal Wave will collect some of Ohama's early works for the album The Potato Farm Tapes.

The record brings together songs from Ohama's 1982 cassette Midnite News, along with some rare tracks. Limited to 999 copies, it will be pressed on clear-red 180-gram vinyl and comes with an interview with Ohama on the inner sleeve.

These eight songs were self-recorded by Ohama in the underground studio beneath his parents' potato farm. Minimal Waves describes the tracks as "futuristic, paranoid, '80s techno" that include sound samples of "dogs barking, lapping waves, and industrial machinery." Despite this boundary-pushing approach to electronic music, the songs are said to be "surprisingly catchy and listenable."

See the tracklist below and scroll past that to hear "The Drum," as well as check out an '80s MuchMusic feature on Ohama. A firm due date for the album has yet to be set, but the label says to expect it in early October.

The Potato Farm Tapes:

1. The Drum
2. T.V.
3. My Time
4. Of Whales
5. Mushin No Shin
6. Midnite News III
7. Sometimes
8. Julie Is a T.V. Set