Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

For some people, the term "singer-songwriter” is a dirty one that evokes fabricated emotion from some mawkish, timid busker with an acoustic guitar. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson is the antithesis of that type. Raised travelling the club circuit with his comedian father, in his 25 years, Robinson has found himself kicked out of bands, kicked out of clubs, kicked out of homes and trying to kick a drug habit, all the while inadvertently building a blueprint for his self-titled debut. Recorded with Grizzly Bear’s two Chris’s — Taylor and Bear — as well as TV On the Radio’s Kyp Malone, Robinson’s songs were reportedly forced out of him by his friends, resulting in a torn and battered tapestry about living life on the edge. Amplified through stripped down arrangements, Robinson’s songs are electrocuted by his fuzzy guitars, lackadaisically stoned vocals and dirt-covered melodies, while exorcising those demons that still obviously haunt him. As much as he’s fixated on the morbid — lead track "Buriedfed” imagines his own demise — Robinson doesn’t forget to sing it all with a half-smile, balancing his morose demeanour with a shot of self-deprecating humour. His second album, produced by Malone, is already in the can, meaning there’s more life in this guy than he likely even realizes. (Say Hey)