Mild High Club "The Chat" (ft. Ariel Pink & Weyes Blood)

Mild High Club 'The Chat' (ft. Ariel Pink & Weyes Blood)
Ariel Pink hasn't released an album since last year's pom pom, but he's spent 2015 popping up as a prolific featured guest, contributing to songs by Miley Cyrus, Dâm-Funk and Soko. Now, he's appeared along with Weyes Blood on a song called "The Chat" from Mild High Club.

Pink's influence shines through strongly on the track. He sings lead vocals on the sweetly hazy, psych-tinged pop song, which sounds like it could have come from one of his own albums. This taps into Pink's dreamy side as opposed to his wacky side.

Hear the song below [via Pitchfork]. This comes from Mild High Club's debut full-length, Timeline, which is out next week (September 18) through Circle Star Records.