Mike Simonetti Leaves Italians Do It Better to Form 2MR with Captured Tracks' Mike Sniper

Mike Simonetti Leaves Italians Do It Better to Form 2MR with Captured Tracks' Mike Sniper
After helping issue records by Chromatics and Glass Candy through the Italians Do It Better imprint, Mike Simonetti has announced he's left the label to start a new record company with Captured Tracks founder Mike Sniper called 2MR.

The imprint's name is short for "Two Mikes Records," and as Simonetti explained to Billboard, there was no drama behind splitting from Italians Do It Better and its Johnny Jewel, noting that the pair's interests, priorities and involvement with the imprint had shifted. With Jewel steering Italians Do It Better, Simonetti opted to try another venture.

"The label was becoming more of Johnny's thing, basically," he said. "I wanted to do my own thing and let him have Italians. It didn't make any sense for me to be there — it was too hard to get things done because he was never around. Even when he was around, he was always busy."

While their label is just getting off the ground, 2MR founders Sniper and Simonetti worked together in the past when Simonetti's old Troubleman Unlimited imprint issued Sniper's Blank Dogs album On Two Sides in 2008. Simonetti's goal is to offer up work that wouldn't fit on Captured Tracks proper, with the focus apparently being put towards house-styled artists.

"Real techno, real house music — not trendy stuff made for hipsters," Simonetti said. "If I want to release some Detroit stuff, I can't picture Mac DeMarco fans listening to that. It's a whole different world. This way, Mike Sniper can have his dance label. He's always wanted one of those. The guy has a thousand different labels."

The first release lined up for 2MR is for Simonetti's own Pale Blue project with Silver Hands member Elizabeth Wight. The outfit's debut LP The Past We Leave Behind lands April 14 and features contributions from Lower Dens' Jana Hunter.

You'll find the tracklisting and a stream of The Past We Leave Behind's title track down below.

The Past We Leave Behind:

1. The Past We Leave Behind

2. The Scars

3. Distance to the Waves

4. Mia

5. Tougher

6. Myself

7. The Scars (Reprise)

8. Dusk in Parts

9. The Math

10. Rain

11. The Eye

12. Embrace

13. One Last Thing