Mike Clark Darker Machines

Vancouver singer-songwriter Mike Clark has lived on the road as former tour manager for Tegan & Sara, an experience you can tell has rubbed off on him and his debut album, Darker Machines. With rugged DIY ethics in tow, Clark’s songs sustain a scratchy, lo-fi charm that has worked wonders for contemporaries like Elliott Smith and Bright Eyes. His curiosities work out for him as he avoids falling into the age-old trap of dull verse-chorus-verse acoustica. By shifting between simple one-man-and-a-guitar slow ones and cranked up angst rock with the help of a drummer and bassist, his genre’s formulaic structure quickly dissolves into something much more engaging. Call it his "inner Boss” trying to escape, but the mix of raw, gritty Americana with a relentless grasp of melodic rock sets Mike Clark a good step and a half ahead of the game and its players. (Copperspine)