Miguel Mount Currie Stage, Pemberton BC, July 15

Miguel Mount Currie Stage, Pemberton BC, July 15
Photo: Joshua Peter Grafstein
As the rain splattered the sea of stage-facing heads, Miguel promised "one more song!" — as one does — but then surprised with his final choice: a cover of 2Pac's 1993 summertime jam "I Get Around," complete with a perfectly rapped verse. The skies relented, the sun peeked between mountaintops, and there, stage right, a rainbow emerged. Then a second brilliant arc formed. One for each Pac. Double rainbow all the way.
As headliner J. Cole would say later, "That shit is beautiful."
Onstage, there was no colour. The kaleidoscope dreamer and his four-piece band all dressed in head-to-toe white. Even the guitar was white. Vibrancy instead sprung from the frontman's lady-killer voice and omnipresent smile. The man genuinely looked to be having fun, locking eyes and engaging the damp crowd with a rapper's directness.
A serious R&B talent who, thankfully, wasn't taking himself too seriously, the L.A. native lifted his white tee for the ladies and thrust his crotch into camera lensed, but made sure to chuckle or wag his tongue teasingly afterward. A few young couples made out like PDA is cool, even though Miguel kept the slow jams to a minimum and brought more rock-out verve than one might expect.
"GFG" slaughtered. So did "Face the Sun." And "Adorn," of course. The artist has a knack for building live songs into raucous crescendos. A lovely, airy cover of Bob Marley's "Stir It Up" was positioned to be the set's shining curveball. But that was before the double rainbow.