Migos Allegedly Involved in Highway Shootout in Florida

Migos Allegedly Involved in Highway Shootout in Florida
Photo: Vice Noisey
Atlanta rap trio Migos were allegedly involved in a highway shootout earlier this morning (March 28) on a Florida highway, with one person in the group's vehicle currently in hospital after suffering a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the leg.

Eight people from Migos' camp were said to be in the rented van that was involved in the shooting, though it's unclear if this includes all three group members. WPLG reports that the injured man is a bodyguard, and he was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital to be treated.

The incident is said to have been started at Broward County's Cafe Iguanas, where the group apparently got into a disagreement with the club's management, leading them to cancel their performance. According to Florida Highway Patrol, this escalated into an early a.m. confrontation on the roads, with another vehicle driving up alongside the group's rented van in the southbound lanes of I-95 and opening fire, instigating a shootout.

"According to the witnesses in the van, a dark vehicle pulled alongside them and opened gunfire on them," Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Joe Sanchez told WSVN, adding that "a member of the group was in possession of his personal handgun and he returned fire."

Due to the incident, Migos have been forced to cancel their performance tonight at Broward's Club 54.