Migos "Wishy Washy" (video)

Migos 'Wishy Washy' (video)
With the holiday season having wrapped up, we're no doubt in store for oodles and oodles of material from busy-body Atlanta rappers Migos in 2015. Though it may not be 100 per cent fresh, they're starting off the year clean with a new laundromat-set video for Rich Ni**a Timeline's "Wishy Washy."

The clip has Quavo and the rest of the crew hanging out at some sort of launderette/pool hall hybrid, rolling off questionable bars about "wishy-washy" women they neither love nor trust, owing, apparently, to a ficklness in partners and an affnity for commandeering wallets. The crew give the gals a good ogling as they're filling up sudsy machines and obstructing shots, though. All sorts of questions of their commentary are brought up in five short minutes.

You'll find the video down below. Though the due date is TBA, Migos' forthcoming Shmigo Gang tape with Bobby Shmurda should be out sometime in 2015.