Migos "Hanna Montana" (Twerk Remix)

Migos 'Hanna Montana' (Twerk Remix)
Atlanta rappers Migos are once again throwing it up for pop wrecking ball Miley Cyrus by delievring a revamped version of their Young Rich Niggas track "Hannah Montana," presumably now dubbed "Hanna Montana" for copyright reasons.

The new "Twerk Remix" comes via the band and producer Dun Deal, and one of the biggest differences is the steady clap rhythm on the hook. Additionally, the chorus scrubs the molly talk to rep Miley's tights. Quavo's opening verse, meanwhile, has him discussing Cyrus going crazy in the club, and making her booty shake like its having a seizure.

Is it an improvement on the original? You can decide for yourself by giving it a stream down below, and if you want to twerk it, twerk it, twerk it, twerk it all damn night.

Migos are apparently delivering a follow-up mixtape dubbed YRN 2 on December 10.