Mieke 'Mieke' (EP stream)

Mieke 'Mieke' (EP stream)
Toronto-based singer-songwriter Elissa Mielke has been performing since she was 14, and she's finally ready to unveil her debut self-titled EP under the moniker Mieke. Before it lands, Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive early listen to it.
Mieke is the result of Mielke's years-long learning process in the music and modelling industries. Having fought with producers and labels for creative control in the past, the new EP is a statement of independence for the songstress. It was recorded with Don Kerr and Howie Beck (Feist, Hayden, Bahamas).
"I needed to make something honest and raw. Something strange and vulnerable. Something thoughtful and free. Something that was authentic to where I'm at," she said. "I've played shows for many years, but when I finished university I needed to make money somehow to focus on music. I found out modeling could be a decent part time job, I started modeling and acting part time. Whenever I travel to make music or model, I learn more about myself as an artist. These songs were largely written on these travels — in Tokyo, London, New York, and L.A."
The four-song set opens with the dreamy, melancholic pop of "Sleeping Alone," and the sweet, sad, catchy sound carries into "Vulture" and "Magnolia." The collection closes out with the infectious, slightly more upbeat "Move On" — a sign that Mieke still is already looking ahead to bigger and brighter things.
Mieke officially arrives on August 28, but you can get acquainted with it right now in the player below.