Midstates Shadowing Ghosts

Midstates join the long list of bands that are riding the second wave of shoegazing. The band has been around for some time now, and in their previous incarnation as Novasonic Down Hyperspace, they had a certain amount of success (almost being signed by 4AD at one point), but it wasn't until they were released from the shackles of their ridiculous previous name that things really began to happen. Shadowing Ghosts is Midstates' first album, but even a cursory listen makes it obvious that this isn't a fresh-faced young band just starting out. There's a maturity that builds layer upon layer, making every song very interesting sonically - guitars aren't the only trick up their sleeves although they aren't afraid to rely on the tried and tested if necessary. The end result is wonderful sweeping soundscapes with hushed vocals that will put you under their spell. Considering the company that the band have been keeping (both literally and figuratively), it is surprising just how short many of the songs are. In fact, there are a few occasions on Shadowing Ghosts that you'll wish that Midstates had kept playing for a couple more minutes just to see where they could have taken us. And, let's face it, how many bands can you say that about? A very nice album that encompasses you in its glow and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. (Mental Monkey)