Micill Shazzam Write Micill Shazzam Write

Frek Sho’s Micill Shazzam Write goes solo with this self-titled CD, although all production is handled by group members Sunil Ishq and Kutdown, and other members are guest rappers — often resulting in the best songs. "Micill Shazzam Write” opens the album on the right note, but snippet-track "History” cuts out any momentum they should be working to build. A shame since the violin rock of "Sucka Punch” is a fantastic, fist-pumping anthem that could have been a great follow-up. And it doesn’t hurt that Shazzam and Ismaila are tightest over this beat. Gallivanting Spoof sounds pimp getting surreal with Shazzam on the funky "Nuts&Bolts” where "I don’t understand that either” is the theme of the day. And finally, Gruf appears on "Man (Trusted by Millions),” a good song that might have been best left as an instrumental. "Dead End,” "Living Hell,” "Murderher” and "Star” are a wonderful quartet of realistically down-to-earth character studies of both males and females, which makes it even more disappointing that "Bowel Language” ends up as childish potty humour. Not bad, though; only a couple of fumbles on an otherwise engaging "book-on-tape” of short stories disguised as a rap album. (Frek Sho)