Michael Stipe Says No to Solo Career

Michael Stipe Says No to Solo Career
The music world got a jolt this past September when iconic rockers R.E.M. announced their split, and no doubt many were left wondering whether we'd ever hear frontman Michael Stipe's unique, emotive warble again. An interview with the singer revealed that, speaking in terms of solo records, it ain't gonna happen.

"It's unfathomable to me right now," he told Rolling Stone. "What would it sound like? Watered-down R.E.M.?"

Moving on from the world of music, Stipe is reportedly hard at work producing a documentary about internet celebrity and is digging deep into a different art form: sculpting. Considering the Athens, GA band's massive, 30-year output, Stipe is looking forward to spending some time away from the concert stages and recording studios.

"Who says I have to be a songwriter?" he said. "I'm in a place right now where I don't know what the future holds for me."


R.E.M.'s career retrospective Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage: 1982-2011 came out on November 15 through Warner Bros.