Michael Jackson Fans Launch Protest Against This Is It

Michael Jackson Fans Launch Protest Against <i>This Is It</i>
With Michael Jackson's concert rehearsal film This Is It set to arrive in theatres next week, most fans of the deceased pop musician are buzzing with anticipation. A select group of fans, however, are not so excited to see the film, saying that it covers up the truth about Jackson's final living moments.

The group have started an awareness campaign, based at ThisIsNotIt.com, where they have detailed a massive amount of information to support their theory that Jackson's producers knew he was dying but chose to ignore those facts in order to turn a profit.

"In the weeks leading up to Michael Jackson's death, while this footage was being shot, people around him knew that he looked like he might have died," a post on the site reads. "Those who stood to make a profit chose to ignore it. Friends and fans who had no financial interest chose to address it and attempted to help him. AEG, the promoters for This Is It ignored the signs, ignored the pleas and in fact, actively covered up the truth. What you will see on that screen is part of that cover up."

The site has a lot of information and asks fans to hand out anti-This Is It literature at the film's premiere in their city. Interestingly, nowhere does it urge people to avoid seeing the film.

That might be because the movie is just too irresistible, as director Kenny Ortega recently told Cinema Blend the film will feature brand new versions of iconic Jackson music videos for "Thriller," "Man in the Mirror" and "Earth Song." And while the new "Thriller" does have its differences from the original, Ortega maintained that they "didn't touch what we considered the sacred inside of it." Come on, guys. Who could resist that?

This Is It hits theatres on October 28.