Michael Jackson "Breaking News"

Michael Jackson 'Breaking News'
As the highest-earning dead celeb, the coming months will see all sorts of strange marketing ideas from Michael Jackson. But with Michael, his first posthumous album, the buzz revolves around the actual music rather than Cirque Du Soleil choreography or weird videogames.

"Breaking News" is the first track to be released from the album, and it's sort of exactly what we expected -- a hybrid of modern dance music, slick production and many layers of Jackson's vocals. The lyrics follow Jackson's struggles with the media, adding a nice personal dimension to the track.

Ultimately, "Breaking News" won't make your neck hair stand on end like Thriller did, but it's definitely strong enough to warrant a few more listens. If all of the posthumous material is this strong, it will definitely be worth some attention.

Stream "Breaking News" here on Michael Jackson's official website for one week only.