Miami Horror "Don't Be On With Her"

Miami Horror 'Don't Be On With Her'
While this current '80s revival has seen its share of impressive throwbacks, perhaps no artist has made as much of a convincing argument for their love of the decade as Miami Horror. There's not a whole lot to tell about him, other than he's a Melbourne-based DJ/producer and he recently came second in a Bloc Party remix contest (his remix of "The Prayer" is below). Everything from his nostalgic art (see his MySpace page for some neon goodness) and the overwhelming blast of synths, samples and house beats that are also found in the work of Daft Punk, Justice, SebastiAn, Kavinsky, etc, but with a retro splash that suggests he dresses in pastel and listens to Jan Hammer. On top of an album or EP called Bravado, which he describes as an "Epic, Missionary 80's Disco soundtrack of summer/spring/winter/autumn," as well as a band called Tigrtron, he's also working on remixes for the likes of Datarock and Soft Tiger.

Miami Horror "Don't Be On With Her"

Miami Horror "Don't Be On With Her" (download)

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