Mi Ami Steal Your Face on New Album

Mi Ami <i>Steal Your Face</i> on New Album
Last year, San Francisco, CA's Mi Ami turned heads with their dynamic, danceable and utterly unique debut, Watersports. The band, who include former members of Dischord dance punks Black Eyes, amalgamated elements of dub, post-punk punk and tropical guitar music for their inimitable style. Now, Mi Ami are set to follow that up with a new album release this spring.

Called Steal Your Face, Mi Ami's second album, and first on Thrill Jockey, promises new sonic explorations. As a press release puts it, the modern musical climate is an environment where "a working knowledge of rap, disco, dub, club and world music basics is as pedestrian as eating a burrito for lunch and Thai for dinner... It is in this climate that Mi Ami defines itself, not by turning forward to the future or back to the past, but rather inward. To reference musical hero (one among countless) Morton Feldman, what if instead of either/or, it's neither/nor?"

While the press release maintains its conceptual bent throughout, it does point at some concrete evolutions in the band's approach to music-making, saying, "Where before, melodies had been suggested, here they are fully developed. Where structure had previously meandered, here each song uses a minimum of means to 'get to there,' allowing the playing to fly free. And, where lyrics had been left unprinted, here they are laid out completely, an integral part of the music."

Though it's not on Steal Your Face, which features the cover art above, the track "Cut Men" was recently released on a limited twelve-inch from Thrill Jockey. As a sampling of the band's current sound, Thrill Jockey are offering the seven-minute song as a free download here.

Mi Ami's Steal Your Face is due in stores on April 6.

Steal Your Face:

1. "Harmonics (Genius Of Love)"
2. "Latin Lover"
3. "Dreamers"
4. "Secrets"
5. "Native Americans (Born In The U.S.A.)"
6. "Slow"

Tour dates:

1/23 Los Angeles, CA - The Smell
2/6 San Francisco, CA - El Rio
4/9 Chicago, IL - The Hideout
4/10 Detroit, MI - Lager House
4/11 Pittsburgh, PA - TBA
4/12 New York, NY - Cake Shop
4/13 Baltimore, MD - TBA
4/14 Philadelphia, PA - Danger Danger Gallery
4/15 Washington, DC - Velvet Lounge
4/16 Ann Arbor, MI - Ann Arbor Vitae Loft