M.I.A. "Baddygirl 2" (Beyoncé remix)

M.I.A. 'Baddygirl 2' (Beyoncé remix)
Genre-bending pop performer M.I.A. has just let loose something of a remix of Beyoncé's "Flawless" called "Baddygirl 2."

Very little is recognizable from the original, and the song also features a sample of Beyoncé's "Diva" single from 2008. Mostly, however, it sounds like a brand new M.I.A. composition, complete with cut-and-paste production and plenty of rapping. That said, it's pretty damn fascinating.

M.I.A. tweeted the track, adding that Beyoncé's people have been sitting on the remix for months and haven't replied to her over when it can drop.

Check out "Baddygirl 2" below.