M.I.A. "4thepeopleontheboat"

M.I.A. '4thepeopleontheboat'
Following some less than kind words about M.I.A.'s ///Y/, producer/collaborator Diplo has leaked an unreleased track from the controversy-loving pop star. It's only a demo and apparently bears the title "4thepeopleontheboat."

In a Twitter post, Diplo said of the track, "a lost/new/crazy song i did with @_M_I_A_ - this is only demo... i might leak the real version if u guys want."

The post then leads to the site 4thepeopleontheboat.com where you can freely check out the track. He later added, "also that song has more sick lyrics and its classic mia vibe all u apathetic shitheadz."

A superior cut to those that made the cut on ///Y/? We'll let you decide.