MGMT Working with Mac DeMarco in Home Studio

MGMT Working with Mac DeMarco in Home Studio
Psych-pop twosome MGMT haven't issued an album since their self-titled release in 2013. The band, however, appear to be recording new music in their home studio set up, and judging by a picture that has surfaced online, they may be working alongside Canadian jizz-jazz smoothy Mac DeMarco.

Early last month, MGMT posted a pic captioned "Home studio style" onto their Facebook page, which pictured the group's Ben Goldwasser surrounded by electronics, guitars and computer equipment. They followed this up with a video post of he and bandmate Andrew VanWyngarden working on a piece of hypnotic electronic music.

DeMarco has apparently visited the studio to work on something, as evidenced by a photo that surfaced on Yuki Kikuchi's tumblr page of photography. DeMarco and VanWyngarden are both holding guitars in the same attic space, facing a mixing board.

No word yet on if this could be a collaboration for inclusion on a forthcoming MGMT or Mac DeMarco release, or just some pals having fun. Either way, we can't wait to hear what becomes of it.

While MGMT haven't issued an album in three years, DeMarco delivered his Another (Demo) One collection last month as part of Record Store Day.