MGMT Working With the Chemical Brothers On Second Album

MGMT Working With the Chemical Brothers On Second Album
The Chemical Brothers are reportedly set to produce MGMT’s sophomore effort. According to several media reports, MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser told NME that the Chemical Brothers emailed them after hearing their prog-dance debut, Oracular Spectacular, and the two duos have been swapping ideas ever since.

"We'll experiment with them to create a different sound. It won't be dance music,” Goldwasser said. "They've collaborated with people like Noel Gallagher before and they have this psychedelic side to them, so we'll find a common ground."

MGMT also revealed that their second album could very well be a double, composed of one pop album and another of psychedelia. "We thought we'd go for the cliched, overly ambitious sophomore album,” VanWyngarden said. "Oracular Spectacular has both pop songs and psychedelic songs, so we thought we'd make a double album next — with one disc for pop and the other for psychedelia."

MGMT have not yet leaked word on when fans could expect to hear any of the new Chemical Brothers-helmed material.

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