MF Doom "Elder Blossoms" (Ruff Draft remix)

MF Doom 'Elder Blossoms' (Ruff Draft remix)
San Francisco producer Ruff Draft puts an ultra-elegant twist on metal-faced producer/rapper/supervillain DOOM's old, jazzy "Elder Blossoms" beat that actually makes the already mellow cut chiller than before.

While it brings back the old sax-and-piano loop from the original MF Doom track for a few bars, Ruff Draft than upends the tune by jacking a sample of DOOM's guest verse from electro-experimenter Dabrye's "Air" single.

From there, he pitch shifts the sample and cakes on reverb-dripping keys, slow-mo finger snaps and speaker-panning, back-masked squelches.

You can check out the smoothed-out redo down below.