Mexican Summer's Anthology Recordings Imprint Launches "Anthology Surf Archive"

Mexican Summer's Anthology Recordings Imprint Launches 'Anthology Surf Archive'
With onetime digital imprint Anthology Recordings now serving up physical LPs via a partnership with Mexican Summer, the reissue hub has now announced its unearthed a pair of vintage surf movie soundtracks.

Anthology has confirmed it's kicking off the label's "Anthology Surf Archive" with a vinyl re-release of the soundtrack to 1971 flick Morning of the Earth. A press release notes that the film, directed by filmmaker Albert Falzon, chronicles the early '70s Aussie surf scene and calls it a classic in the vein of The Endless Summer. Collected on the soundtrack are G. Wayne Thomas, Tamam Shud, John J. Francis, Brian Cadd and more.

While the soundtrack had been previously received the reissue treatment Down Under, this marks the first time it's been pressed on vinyl in the U.S. since its initial release.

Due the same day is the soundtrack to Falzon's follow-up flick, 1973's Crystal Voyager. Produced by Falzon and director David Elfick, the movie was shot and narrated by surf innovator George Greenough, who is credited with creating the modern surfboard fin. The soundtrack is said to deliver "a transcendent sonic backdrop of soft psych rock and breezy folk," with contribuytions coming from G. Wayne Thomas and the Crystal Voyage Band. Thomas likewise provided liner notes for the LP, while the package contains a xerox reprint of a vintage Greenough surfboard ad.

You can pre-order Morning of the Earth over here, where you'll find some sound samples, and grab Crystal Voyager over here, where you can also sample that set.

Morning of the Earth:

1. G. Wayne Thomas "Morning of the Earth"
2. Terry Hannigan "I'll be Alright"
3. Taman Shud "First Things First"
4. Brian Cadd "Sure Feels Good"
5. G. Wayne Thomas "Open up Your Heart"
6. John J. Francis "Simple Ben"
7. Taman Shud "Bali Waters"
8. Brian Cadd "Making it on Your Own"
9. G. Wayne Thomas "Day Comes"
10. Taman Shud "Sea the Swells"
11. Peter Howe "I'm Alive"
12. Brian Cadd "Come with Me"

Crystal Voyager:

1. Changes
2. Into the Blue
3. Junkyard I & II
4. Red Sun Sea
5. Slipping Away
6. Changes II
7. (That Could Be the Reason) Clouds Cry
8. Gypsy Shoes
9. Hollywood
10. Space and Time
11. Morning Light