METZ Return with New Songs "Acid" and "Slow Decay"

METZ Return with New Songs 'Acid' and 'Slow Decay'
METZ have suddenly burst back into our lives with a pair of newly shared tracks. As part of Bandcamp's initiative to waive all artist fees today, the Toronto trio have unloaded "Acid" and "Slow Decay" upon us.

Down below, you can hear both tracks, where you also have the option of downloading them.

According to METZ, "'Acid' is a song about having a fresh perspective, a newly widened outlook on the world and one's life. Being shaken awake from a malaise and realizing there is no time for petty bullshit. Love what you love, love who you love! Embrace it and don't wait."

Both tracks were recorded with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, with Graham Walsh later adding some touches. They were then mixed by Alex Edkins.

Hear both "Acid" and "Slow Decay" below.

The last METZ release we got was last year's odds 'n' sods comp Automat, while their last studio remains 2017's Strange Peace.