METZ "Neat Neat Neat" (live Damned cover)

METZ 'Neat Neat Neat' (live Damned cover)
Shying away from their stunning noise-rock debut, Toronto trio METZ have unveiled a live cover of UK punk greats the Damned's game-changing Damned Damned Damned opener, "Neat Neat Neat."

METZ played the song as part of the AV Club's Undercover series, and a quick interview with the group revealed that the original gets a lot of stereo play in the van. While guitarist Alex Edkins cops to not quite understanding what the Damned's Dave Vanian was getting at with his cannon firing lyrics, the METZ member chokes out each word with an old school sneer.

You can see the results down below.

METZ covers The Damned