METZ Mt. Currie Stage, Pemberton BC, July 19

METZ Mt. Currie Stage, Pemberton BC, July 19
Photo: JPG Photography
There appeared to a storm brewing by the time METZ began their early afternoon set. As flecks of drizzle splattered down, an evergreen tree behind the Mt. Currie stage blew dramatically in the wind.

METZ, meanwhile brewed a storm of their own with their head-banging, scream-filled alt-rock. "Negative Space" was pummelling in its low-ended assault, with mangled six-string pyrotechnics that even a few pedal-board-related technical difficulties couldn't undermine.

During this track, a mosh pit was whipped up in the crowd, and frontman Alex Edkins encouraged these rowdy fans to "keep things moving" before transitioning into "Get Off." Although the turnout was one of the sparsest of the weekend, the energy at the front was high.

As stagehands struggled to put tarps over the gear at the back of the stage, "Rats" ended with Edkins crouched at his pedals, coaxing swaths of ominous abstractions out of his effects.

And yet, for all of the music's anger, the singer was charmingly upbeat during his between-song banter, repeatedly wishing fans a safe weekend and saying, "thanks so fucking much." It was thanks to his charming demeanour that the sent was a winning balance of punk rock fury and feel-good positivity.

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