Metric Buck The System

Metric Buck The System
After four years of relative silence and countless delays, Metric are finally ironing out the details of their long-awaited Live It Out follow-up, which according to a press relesae will be out April 14.

As previously reported, the beloved indie rock troupe announced last year that in Canada they are sticking with their pseudo-indie home, Last Gang Records, for their upcoming fourth album, which the band have now dubbed Fantasies. In the U.S., however, it appears that the album will be out April 14, with no label help whatsoever.

Metric will release the new record on their own and sell it via their website, offering up first single "Help I'm Alive," with pre-orders for the limited edition vinyl, deluxe hard cover CD or digital download beginning on March 2.

After several meetings with labels big and small, the band's front-woman Emily Haines told the magazine that the independent route seemed the best way to go forward with Fantasies. "We just said, 'Oh, fuck it, lets gamble,' took a deep breath and decided to put this record out worldwide our own way," she said. "We might go down in flames, or it might be the best move ever. Either way it will have been on our terms, and that for us is success," added Jimmy Shaw.

To hear more about the record from Metric, you can check out this video on the band's website.

Fantasies tracklisting:

1. "Help I'm Alive"
2. "Sick Muse"
3. "Satellite Mind"
4. "Twilight Galaxy"
5. "Gold Guns Girls"
6. "Gimme Sympathy"
7. "Collect Call"
8. "Front Row"
9. "Blindness"
10. "Stadium Love"

Metric "Dead Disco"