Method Man & Redman Bass Camp Stage, Pemberton BC, July 15

Method Man & Redman Bass Camp Stage, Pemberton BC, July 15
Photo: Joshua Peter Grafstein
The best rap show of Pemby Fest to this point belongs to a couple of hyperactive, stuck-in-the-'90s potheads whose combined age is 91.
Wu-Tang's Method Man, 45, and Def Squad's Redman, 46, have always been the most charismatic pillars of their respective crews, but to see them not acting their age with lusty joy on a sunny Friday made their bangers ring as fresh as the day they dropped. All cargo shorts and twisted ballcaps, the best buds promised to reflect all the energy given by the packed Bass Camp Tent back outward, and then they overpaid their debts.
Two caffeinated pinballs, Red and Meth bounced and spit tight, like emerging emcees with something to prove. They playfully executed choreographed dance steps. Water bottles extinguished thrown hands like championship champagne. Mosh pits were encouraged.
A party pooper who declined to toss his hands in the air was singled out: "You. The guy in the turquoise hat: Fuck your life," Meth chided.
Meth flung himself off the stage, his lanky frame caught by the throbbing crowd. One young lady hopped on a pair of shoulders and took her top off. Yes, it was that kind of party. At 5:30 in the afternoon.
Both emcees released new material this year, but wisely took turns nailing anthems from their heyday, each fulfilling hypeman duties with giddy elation. "Time 4 Sum Aksion," "Ice Cream," "I'll Bee Dat" and "All I Need" especially stood out.
Based on the showmanship displayed, it's not hard to figure how these guys landed movie and sitcom deals. Two selectors, DJ Dice and Mathematics, were given space to show off sick scratch routines, complete with body tricks. Mathematics kicked off his shoes while juggling LL Cool J's "Rock the Bells"; Dice crossfaded "It Takes Two" with his teeth. The requisite Ol' Dirty Bastard tribute ("Shimmy Ya") set up "Da Rockwilder" and their "Rapper's Delight" cover. Too much fun.