Metallica's Kirk Hammett Gets His Own Zombie Action Figure

Metallica's Kirk Hammett Gets His Own Zombie Action Figure
Metallica's monster movie-loving six-stringer Kirk Hammett is giving fans a chance to pick up a piece of creeping death incarnate at the San Diego Comic-Con, where he'll unveil his very own undead action figure.

A press release explains that the figure is part of the Famous Zombies Jr. line of toys and has been pressed up in a limited quantity of 300. You can take a gander at the gory plaything, a green, flesh-decayed undead caricature of the musician, up above. Hammett will be on hand at Comic-Con at the Nuclear Blast Records/Stern Pinball/JSR merch booth on July 25 and July 26.

"Being a fan of comics and movies since I was a kid, it's just a huge honor to be at Comic-Con on both sides, selling and buying," Hammett said in a statement.

The figure is not the first eerie likeness of the self-professed "horror nerd." Hammett's own Kirk Von Hammett Toys had previously delivered a creepy, goateed vinyl toy, as well as a "zombified" paper mask. He's also been tributed with more traditional, Metallica-themed action figures.

  "I've spent my life collecting toys, so what could be more fun than making a series of toys which indulge my childhood fantasies and which people can collect?" he had previously said of his own company.

As for Metallica, the band recently issued their "first pass" version of "Lords of Summer," though official news on their next LP has yet to be delivered.