Metallica Treat 'Some Kind of Monster' to Expanded 10th Anniversary Release

Metallica Treat 'Some Kind of Monster' to Expanded 10th Anniversary Release
It may seem odd, but Bay Area thrash icons Metallica are getting ready to celebrate one of the toughest periods of their career with an upcoming anniversary edition of their Some Kind of Monster documentary.

A 10th anniversary two-disc edition of the movie will be delivered on DVD and Blu-ray November 24, with a press release noting that the initial DVD release has been long out of print.

The upcoming set includes Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky's original documentary, as well as a 25-minute follow-up piece called Metallica: This Monster Lives. The latter was filmed during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival as the band were promoting their second feature film, Through the Never. The new mini-doc includes interviews with Metallica, as well as Berlinger and Sinofsky, and acts as a 10-years-on overview since the release of Some Kind of Monster.

As a refresher, Some Kind of Monster chronicled the band as they made their 2003 LP St. Anger and undertook band therapy sessions. It's further described in a press release as "an incredibly raw and intimate look into the lives and psyches of the members of one of the most successful rock bands in music history as they battle their way through addiction, domestic life, backlash from their fans, and near-total disintegration."

In 2010, drummer Lars Ulrich called the time period covered in Some Kind of Monster a "mindfuck," adding that while the film was probably relatable for many bands, "they weren't necessarily stupid enough to film them like we were and share them with the rest of the world."

The anniversary plans behind the film come in the wake of Metallica's recent announcement of a 27-disc box set celebrating 10 years of the group's That set is expected to arrive early in 2015.

Also on the horizon for the metal band is a Record Store Day release for Black Friday of their recent "Lords of Summer" single. Due November 28, 12-inch single arrives features a demo take and a live version recorded at the Rock in Rome Sonisphere Festival last summer on the A-side, with the flip featuring an etching of the group's logo.