Metallica To Release Death Magnetic As an "Unconventional" Box Set

Metallica To Release <i>Death Magnetic</i> As an 'Unconventional' Box Set
Instead of "doing a Radiohead" like everyone else, Metallica have announced that they will ignore the recently reported trend of dying box set sales and release their next album as a whopping "unconventional" collection to entice fans to, y'know, pay them some money for their music.

The reports that the album will be titled Death Magnetic and will be released as a limited-edition, coffin-shaped box set. Included inside the casket will be a CD of demos, as well as a DVD with behind-the-scenes footage of the San Fran metal giants making the album.

But that's not everything. Also in there will be a goodie bag that includes "a flag, guitar picks, and a fold out poster along with a collector's credit card embossed with a code to redeem a free download of a special European show happening in September." Yes, something free from Metallica!

Of course, all of this comes without any firm release date attached to it, but the box set will arrive some time in the fall, along with a less exciting, regular version on CD.

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