Metallica Launch Their Very Own "Blackened" Whiskey

Metallica Launch Their Very Own 'Blackened' Whiskey
Following in the footsteps of Drake, Metallica have announced their own brand of whiskey.
Named Blackened American Whiskey (a nod to …And Justice for All opening track "Blackened"), the product is a collaboration between the band and Maker's Mark distiller Dave Pickerell.
A mix of bourbons, ryes and whiskeys, Blackened is bourbon-heavy and gets its flavour from being finished in black brandy casks — and then blasted by the music of Metallica.

According to the drink's official website:
After the whiskeys have been combined in the black brandy casks for finishing, they're jolted back to life by the unmistakable, earth-shattering music of Metallica. Using our proprietary sonic-enhancement system BLACK NOISE™, the whiskey is pummeled by sound, causing it to seep deeper into the barrel, where it picks up additional wood flavor characteristics.
We're not too sure what science has to say about that, but fans who want to get their hands on a bottle of Blackened can pre-order it here.
The band have even compiled playlists to accompany your whiskey drinking. Check out "The Batch Playlist" below on Spotify and Apple Music.

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