Metallica Get Feline Makeover for "Meowtallica"

Metallica Get Feline Makeover for 'Meowtallica'
Metallica are for pussies. No really — there's something about the long-running California thrash metal crew that pairs perfectly with our feline friends. Last year, James Hetfield was reimagined as Garfield. Now, the band's music has been given some kitty cat covers on a new project called "Meowtallica."

Some online jokesters have made a new infomercial for a fake compilation called Meowtallica. The collection is packed with Metallica tunes that are reimagined with, you guessed it, the word "meow."

It's a joke that gets real old, real fast, but it's still worth watching to hear Hetfield's croon-growl say the word "meow" over and over again.

Watch the video below.