Metallica Are Counting Down to Something

The band just launched a mysterious countdown clock on
Metallica Are Counting Down to Something
Metallica are being mysterious about some upcoming news.

Today the band launched a website at, which features one thing only: a countdown clock. The clock is set to run out this Thursday (October 10) at noon. With no other information given, we're left to speculate — what are they counting down to?

Are Metallica releasing a new album? Does "XX" refer to the year 2020, or maybe the 20th anniversary of something? Could it be news of an upcoming tour?

Any guess is speculation at the time of reporting — Metallica have offered no other information so far.

However, fans are already guessing that the band are planning to release something in relation to their S&M concert series and subsequent live album, both of which are seeing their 20th anniversaries soon. Last month, the band reprised the concert series for two grand-opening performances at Chase Center alongside the San Francisco Symphony.

To make some speculations for yourself, head over to But it's likely that no one will know for certain until the timer runs out. Check back here on Thursday for updates.