Metal Dudes Test Their Entrepreneurial Skills with Wine, BBQ Sauce, Clothing and, Uh, Christmas Cards

Metal Dudes Test Their Entrepreneurial Skills with Wine, BBQ Sauce, Clothing and, Uh, Christmas Cards
A little while back we told you about Megadeth's Dave Mustaine starting his own coffee club, which delivers a different brew to subscribers every month. We also brought you the news of Judas Priest front-man Rob Halford starting up his own clothing company. Now, keeping with the theme, we figured we'd give you a little update on some more business-minded metal dudes who are spreading their metal wings and going the entrepreneurial route.

First up is Geoff Tate, vocalist for Seattle prog metallers Queensryche. According to the band's website, Tate has recently announced his Insania white wine blend. The site says it's time "to go 'insania' again." Again, because the white follows up the red blend, which has sold out. The blend "shines with honeydew melon, pear and apricot," says the site. Uh, did we mention he sings for a prog metal band?

Next up is Trevor Peres, guitarist of Floridian death metal vets Obituary. And if it makes sense that a dude who sings in a prog metal band is making white wine, what do you think a dude who plays guitar in a death metal band might be creating? If you answered "BBQ sauce," hot dog, you got it. Peres has launched his T-Bone's Famous line, the first of which is his Original Rib'Licious Bar-B-Que Sauce, which, according to a press release, has "a sweet and tangy flavour with a blend of mild spices and a hint of hickory smoke." Considering these Obituary dudes have been on a slow slide to becoming crotchety, old bearded hicks, this one makes perfect sense.

Then there's Brian Perry, who is not only formerly of Prong, but has also played with Dirty Looks, Lizzy Borden and Jake E. Lee's Wicked Alliance. Perry recently announced the launch of his clothing line, the Walk and Roll Clothing Company. According to Blabbermouth, this is a T-shirt company geared towards kids, infants, toddlers and moms-to-be. Perry will be producing shirts with slogans based on popular metal albums and song titles, such as "Master of Muppets," "For Toes About to Walk," and "2 Minutes to Bedtime."

Last, and certainly least, is former Metal Church singer Ronny Munroe, who has launched a signature series of Christmas cards. Munroe was the last vocalist of the band, who went out with a whimper earlier this year, despite releasing some decent albums in the past few years. Now, Munroe is designing metal-themed Xmas cards, according to a posting on the band's MySpace page. The page also reveals that Munroe has "chosen 'Metal Santa' to be the first design of this series."

This is all fine and good, but a note about longhaired musicians going into business for themselves. When we first ran the aforementioned news about Mustaine's coffee club, we inserted a link and said that it may not be active in six months. Indeed, six months has passed and that link is, as we predicted, no longer active. The club closed its doors a mere three months after our initial news report.

May these new metallic undertakings have better success.