Meredith Shaw "Trouble" (ft. Joel Plaskett) (lyric video)

Meredith Shaw 'Trouble' (ft. Joel Plaskett) (lyric video)
Toronto folk-pop performer Meredith Shaw recently teased a bit of new tune "Trouble" in a trailer for her upcoming series of EPs, but you can now check out the Joel Plaskett-assisted track in full via a new lyric video.

The ultra-peppy cut splays out Shaw's playfully trouble-seeking words over a series of iPhone messages, sandwich boards, post-it notes, and desecrated twenties passed to barkeeps. The singer also pops up a few times too, to hold up a couple of cue cards. You can memorize the song, if you so please, by watching the video in the player down below.

As previously reported, Shaw kicks off her EP series May 28 with the release of the three-song Trouble EP.